Pad Creation

Creating Pads from Styles

Step by Step Guide – Accompaniment pad

Load your style that you wish to Record a pad from….

1] Whilst in Style play Mode Press ‘Record’

2] Choose ‘Record new pad’ and OK

3] In the Record Screen you will see a ‘Pad Sync’ button. – Choose ‘Continued’

4] Press the Keyboard MENU Button and press ‘Pad Edit’

5] Tab across to the ‘Copy from Style’ Tab

6] Select your original Style selection on screen

7] Choose from CV1 var1 ---  Then to CV Var1 

Change  'TO CV' Here to CV1 

8] Choose from ‘Track’ – Acc 1

9] Execute / Yes

10] Press Menu on the Keyboard again and then ‘Pad Track Control’

11] Choose Pad Type as ‘Loop’


12] Choose Pad Track  sound on the Top Bar and then Track type as ‘Acc’ and Press EXIT on the keyboard 

13] On screen Record Pad Menu and ‘write pad’ to user with a memorable name. [Note the PAD Track sound is the same as the Pad Track Bar on previous ‘Screen picture’]


14] Exit from Record Screen Menu

15] Load your new pad and press ‘play’ – Should now sync to your chosen style

Good luck with your Pad Creations….

Written by Keith Ball


Some pads [32] that I created very quickly using the above method. Hope they are useful...

free to Download and use or modify as you wish...
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