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Assignable Switches on pa3xLe and Access

Press the shift button with any pad button -> Tab to the the 'Switch' page and access the options to select on each switch. [This can also be accessed via the Menu button]

Accessing Sampling Mode

Go to 'Sound Mode' and hit 'RECORD'. In there you have another 3 different MODES which are SAMPLE, MULTISAMPLE and TIME SLICE.


Adding MP3 Files to your Songbook from either USB OR Hard Drive

Put your mp3 files in the Root of your usb or Hard Drive to start with....

1] press the 'songplay' Button on the keyboard

2] Select your song from the USB and Load

3] Press the Styes Button on the keyboard

4] Press the Songbook Button and you will see the Screen

5] Drop down Menu -> Enable List Edit

6] Press 'Book Edit1' Tab. Here are your options to 'write'

7] Write in Genre if you wish and Tick the box 'Write Current Resource - your loaded mp3 file. You will see the song with mp3 written next to it.

8] Press 'Write' -> New Song and Name xxxxmp3 ->OK

9] Return to your 'Book' page tab and you will find your new addition

10] Press select, your mp3 file and press the sequencer button to hear the song.


Adding vibrato in sound effects


Let's suppose I have Pan Flute and I want to add vibrato using aftertouch function. How could I do that?

Tip: Sound Edit mode is explained in the Pa800 Advance User guide, down-loadable from the KorgPa website.... 

First create a copy of the factory sound for eg: "Pan Flute GM" sound in one of your user banks. Then for each sample (numbered 1 upwards in the scroll list to the right) in the Pan Flute sound you are modifying you would use the SOUND: LFO1 page to specify say a Sine waveform and maybe a frequency of about 40 with an offset of 0.

Set Key Sync ON. Then set AMS1 to the value "JS+Y & AT/2" and the intensity to about 50. This will mean that both pushing the joystick and use of aftertouch pressure will modulate the vibrato frequency. You need to repeat this for each OSC that plays the Pan Flute sample, which I believe is sample number 135 in the factory sample list. Then write the user sound and try it out.

Also, you could experiment with different EFX, for example 038: Stereo Vibrato. The "depth" parameter could be assigned to an AMS source of "After Touch". If you save the modified EFX in Sound Edit mode, don't forget that you will have to unlock the GLOBAL -> General Controls -> Lock -> FX & Voice P "Upper 1 FX" setting in order that when you assign the new sound to UPPER1 then the new EFX you created will override the upper tracks Performance EFX settings that would normally be used in Style play mode.

The "Flute DNC" sound in the "Woodwinds" bank, page 7, may also be a good starting point to add an AT-based vibrato. [RS]



Alter variations in a style

Alter variations in a style by pressing the record button in style mode
-> Record/Edit current style ->OK -> press the keyboard Menu button -> Press Style edit -on screen -> tab across to 7th tab - 'copy from style'
->Top of screen BOX->find the desired style you want to copy a variation from [say a waltz]

-> Then from E/CV [?] Var1? --------- to E/CV [?] Var2?
-> From Track - ALL? --------------------To Track - ALL?

Screen Menu -> Write Style -> Screen Menu -> Exit from Record

You will now have your changed variation in your chosen style.......



Assigning a Sample to a PAD:

Note: You cannot assign mp3 files to pads as they are compressed audio files..

To assign a sample to a pad you have to follow these steps:

1] Record the sample and save it to a user sound location

Record your wav file at 44100 khz 16bit stereo and save it to your usb stick -

Go to the keyboard 'sound' button and bring up the sampling screen and press

the Record button -> Screen Menu and 'load' your sample from your usb stick -

Press the keyboard Menu button and Select 'Time Slice' and save to a User slot.

2] Exit the Record sample mode and

3] Enter the style play mode - and

4] Press the "Record" button - and

5] Choose from the menu "Record New pad" once you are inside the record pad menu

6] Press the Keyboard "Menu" button - and

7] Choose "Import" and then "Groove" (from the tab menu at the lower
left corner). Select your newly saved 'wav' and you will see cv1 is already selected on the screen -> Select 'Execute'.

Before you save your new pad you will have to perform 2 further actions:

8] Enter the Pad Sync menu (on the main screen) and choose between
Contin'd and "Beat" (depending if you want your sound to play all the time with the style or just once) - and finally

9] Press again the keyboard "Menu" button, select "Pad Track Controls", enter
the "Pad Type" submenu and choose between "One shot" and "Loop".

These are the main steps. Once you have saved your pad to one of the
user locations, you can link it to a Style, Performance or Songbook entry pressing

(while you are in Style play mode) the Menu button and selecting "Pad assign switch".


 Assignable Switch

The Assignable switches [next to the Joystick] can be altered by pressing 'Shift' and one of the switches. They can both be assigned to your choice. Press & Close the 'lock' and then go to Global -> General Controls -> Screen Menu -> Write Global - Global Setup to retain the settings.

You can also access the AS Settings by pressing Keyboard Menu button -> Pad/ Switch Assign in the Menu -> Tab to switch


Available 'Space' in Sample Ram: 

1] Sound mode
2] Record
3] Menu
4] Multi-sample
5] 4th TAB: call Sampling Info....
* In the 'Right' Section of Screen look to see 'Available Memory'!


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