PaSCo by Jackpote

PaSCo by Jackpote


To:     mrniceneasy
Posted:     Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:22 pm
Subject:     A gift for you  
Hi, I have a gift for you my friend :
It is a software I have made that creates a midifile calling a songbook entry.
A help file explains how to use it in a Word doc but it can be done with a pdf too.
If you find it helpful, you may share it with your friends or upload it on your site

Best regards. Jacques

Hi Jacques, It is my pleasure to add your program to my Site.

Thank you very much for your superb Contribution to the Korg pa Community......

Using PaSCo

To do first
(Extract from Pa2x manual)
SongBook  entries can  be  selected  via  MIDI  (through  the  special  Control  channel),  by  using  the  NRPN dedicated Control Change messages #99 (MSB, with value 2) and #98 (LSB, with value 64).

Setting the special Control MIDI channel

First of all, go to the Global > MIDI > Setup/General Control page and select a MIDI Setup to be used when you will remotely select SongBook entries.
Then  go  to  the  Global  >  MIDI  >  Midi  In  Channel  page,  to  assign  a  MIDI  channel  to  the  special  Control channel. Assign the Control option to one of the sixteen available MIDI channels (usually one of the higher-numbered ones).
When done, save this setting to the current MIDI Setup by choosing the “Write Global-Midi Setup” command from the page menu.
If  you  plan  to  use  a  different  MIDI  channel  for  the  Style  Play  and  Song  Play modes,  repeat  the  above  to create a second MIDI Setup.

Assigning a MIDI Setup to the Style Play and Song Play modes:
Since SongBook entries dynamically recall the Style Play or the Song Play modes, it is advisable to assign them  the  same  MIDI  Setup,  or  two  different  MIDI  Setups  with  the  Control  channel  assigned  to  the  same MIDI channel. This way, the same MIDI channel will be used to select a SongBook entry in either the Style Play or Song Play mode.

When one of the operating modes is recalled, the MIDI Setup memorized in the Style Play Setup or in the Song Play Setup will be automatically selected, and MIDI channels will be automatically configured.

To assign a MIDI Setup to each of the two operating modes:
•  In  Style  Play  mode,  go  to  the  Style  Play  >  Preferences >  Style  Setup  page,  and  select  a  MIDI  Setup. Select the Write Global Style Setup command from the page menu.
• In Song Play mode, go to the Song Play > Preferences > General Control page, and select the same MIDI Setup assigned to the Style Play mode. Select the Write Global-Song Play Setup command from the page menu.

1. With PaSCo, select the songbook number, the control channel and create the midifile.

2. Open the Word file that contains your score or lyrics

3.  In  ‘Word’  menu,  select  « Insert  /  Object »    -  Tab  « Create  from  file »  -  Click  on  « Browse »,  select  your midifile and tick « Link to the file ».

4. An icon appears on the page, you can resize it and drag it wherever you need.

5. A double click on this icon reads the midifile and sends the control change data to the Pa in order to open the songbook entry selected in the first operation.


Key: G#m..organ and effects/bass
 G#m / E / G#m / E  / C#m..... (bass/keybd)

                                 E       F#                  

   B   Bsus4  B
 These mist covered mountains  

D#m(A)                   G#m  D#m
But my home is the low     lands   

                                 G#m  D#m   
 Are home now for me

                         E       F#sus4  F#
And always will be

                      E      C#m7   F#sus4
 Someday you'll return to
 Your valley and your farms
F#                            G#m                   E                F#sus4   F#
 And you'll no longer burn

 To brothers in arms
 G: G#m / E / G#m / E / G#m/ E  / C#m /C#m/ G#m sus2 / G#m  
F#(A)                                  E   F#   
Through these fields of destruction
  B   Bsus4 B
Baptisms of fire
D#m(A)                     G#m D#m          .                                 E  F#sus4   F#
 I've watched all your suffe  ring

                                 G#m         D#m
 As the battles raged higher

                  E     C#m     F#sus4
 And though they did hurt me so bad     In the fear and alarm
    F#           G#m
You did not desert me  

      E                F#
My brothers in arms
 G: G#m / E / C#m / E / G#m / E / C#m / C#m -E-F#/ G#m sus2  etc
G#m        F#                      G#m          F#
B         E
 There's so many different worlds  So many different suns
 F#                       G#m        F#
And we have just one world   
   B                      E       
But we live in different ones
  G: G#m / E / C#m / E / G#m / E / C#m / C#m -E-F#/ G#m sus2  etc
F#(A)                           E      F#
Now the sun's gone to hell   

D#m(A)             G#m    D#m
Let me bid your farewell

F#                             G#m D#m
But its written in the star   light

 F#                           G#m
We're fools to make war
                           B   Bsus4   B
And the moon's riding high

Everyman has to die

                                     E   C#m    F#sus4
And every line on your palm

   E               F#
On our brothers in arms
: G#m / E / C#m / E / G#m / E / C#m / E-F# / G#m / E / C#m / E / G#m / E / C#m
/ E-F#  etc    fade.
G#m    D#m(A)    F# sus4    C#m     Bsus4    D#m   C#m7  
etc fade!



Here is the program and Help file - 

PaSCo_E-update PaSCo_E-update
Size : 0.114 Kb
Type : zip
PaSCo_E.pdf PaSCo_E.pdf
Size : 0.015 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 0.017 Kb
Type : pdf


Chords exe - by Jackpote
Size : 0.356 Kb
Type : zip

This is the most up to  date Version - to incorporate minor revisions......

Chords !

This software displays chords using the « Standardized Chord Symbol Notation » implemented with OS 2.0 for ®KORG Pa2X & Pa800 keyboard

Then, press « Show » to display the notes on the keyboard.
When « Foldover » is checked, the chord is displayed in a tricky way : notes above the first octave are folded over the first one in order to play them with the left hand. Don’t forget to mute the lower part if you choose this option.
« Capture » button copies a part of the window in the clipboard. This option is useful if you need to create music sheets (see for example the music sheet included in my last software pack : PaSCo).

To import the picture, select « Paste » or press Ctrl – V

Chords ! is freeware and can display 1416 chords.



Jacques (AKA Jackpote)   

Thank you very much Jacques for allowing me to Host you latest FREE Program -  Keith 


Disclaimer. I am in no way connected to the Owner of this software and all programs are offered in good faith. I can not be held responsible for  anything arising from issues to either pc or pa keyboard with this or any software offered on my Website.  The software is your's to try at your own risk....  

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