Songbook Registrations

 I think the Songbook Registration Feature is the most powerful Tool on the pa keyboard for the Musician to save ALL parameters of Registration's of Songs and so, although most of the following 'Help' file is available within the A-Z Help page, I think it fully deserves a page of it's own. I use this feature to 'Save' all my song Registrations...

Saving style registrations:


I want to write and save style registrations for all my songs?
If I save in Performance it only saves sounds and defaults to the factory Style. If I try to save in Styles it won't let me go to Empty file and so overwrites the factory settings...

How and where can I store my edited styles for quick recall?

I see this 2 Part Question being linked in that a ‘New Edited Style’ can be linked to a Registration in ‘SongBook' also...

Why not save all your settings in the Songbook?  It Is in fact a massive registration Bank for up to 9,999 Song entry's.

Part 1 of Question:

Songbook editing:

After setting up your style the way you want it:

Important: Enable song list edit in the screen menu first or your changes may not* take effect
[*Has been known not to work]
1 - Press "Songbook" button
2 - Press the "Book Edit 1" tab
3 - Select the "Write Current Resource" box ( you have to do this to create a new song entry!
4 - Change the settings here you want for example song name, artist, key etc.
5 - Write STS settings using the "Write STS " option and if you want all 4 STS saved then click the "All Current Style STS" option - note you can save each STS individually 1/2/3/4 and 'Write'
6 - Press "book edit 2" tab
7 - Setup the options here for "Synchro start" Intro and Variation etc
8 - Press "New song" button
9 - Press "Write" button
10 - Press "T" button to give song a name
11 - Select "New song"
12 - Press "OK"

You now have a new song in your songbook........

How do I create a Custom List?

1 - Press "Songbook"
2 - Press the Page menu in the top right hand corner of the screen
3 - Make sure the "Enable list edit" option is ticked on
4 - Press the "List Edit" Tab
5 - Press the "New List" Button
6 - Press the " Book " Tab
7 - Select a song and press "Add to list"
8 - repeat 7 above for all the songs you want to add to the list
9 - Press the "List Edit" Tab
10 - Press "Write" to save the list and rename it if you want
11 - Press OK

You now have a custom list.

You can have as many custom lists as you want. (or disk space allows)

If you want to just change Name Artist Key etc

1 - Press the "Book Edit 1" tab
2 - Change the settings here you want for example song name, artist, key etc.
3 - Press "Write" button
4 - Press "OK"

If you want to change sounds STS settings etc

Change the settings within your style

1 - Press "Songbook"
2 - Press the "Book Edit 1" tab
3 - Select the "Write Current Resource" box
4 - Press "Write" button
5 - Select "Rename/Over-Write"
6 - Press OK

If you only want to save a Songbook into a new set then do the following:

1 - Press "Media"
2 - Press the Save tab
3 - Select "ALL" and the press "Open"
4 - Scroll down until you see "Songbook" Folder and select it
5 - Press "Save to"
6 - Select your USB stick
7 - Press "New Set"
8 - Give the Set a name and then Press OK

Additional: Changing pads in Songbook

Enable the songbook edits on the screen drop down Menu.

A MUST DO HERE: The pads are protected/locked in the operating system under Global settings and you need to ''unprotect'' the 'pads'...Global settings -> General Controls -> tab to 'locks' page and unlock 'pad control' then 'Write Global on the screen menu-> Global setup...........

When I've changed the pad on tab book edit1 I immediately go to the 'Write Menu' on the main screen page and Write current style performance which changes the pad permanently on the new Songbook song. You can leave the pads unlocked permanently and save that setting in Global....

Change a single or multiple STS in a Songbook Registration

This is how It's done. You select the song in songbook then EXIT and then change your STS on the screen and save it ->hold shift and the STS Button and Write. Go back to the songbook and Highlight/Select the same song, put a tick in the STS box to STS 1/2/3/4 [repeat the procedure for each STS you wish to change] of choice on the tab book edit1 screen and then press WRITE

If  you have parameters locked down which would stop you saving settings permanently.

1] Press the 'Global' button on the keyboard -> General Controls -> Bottom of the page tab to 'lock' page [To unlock the parameters that you wish to save]

1] Go to the side 'Tuning' Tab
Unlock -> Master Transpose & Perf. M Transpose & Style Perf Transpose

2] Go to the side 'Control' Tab
Unlock Assignable switches & slider mode & Pad & Lower

3]Go to FX & Voice Tab
Unlock ->Voice Pro. Preset & Upper1 FX'S

4] Go to Side Tab 'Style'
Unlock -> Style Preferences & Style Elements, & Style Tracks play/mute & Style Tracks Volume...

Go to Screen Menu -> Write Global -> Global Settings.

These are my setting on pa2x and I can do anything within the Songbook and save it permanently.

Part 2 of Question:

To alter and save edited styles..

Choose the style you want to edit.
Press Record button -> Record Style -> Record Screen ->
Screen Menu -> Write to an empty User or Favourites slot with new name.
Do your edits on the new named style loaded on the pa screen ->
Write to Current Style performance on screen Menu

To changes STS's:

Make your changes per STS.
Press the Shift Button and the Changed STS ->
Screen Drop Down Menu
Choose Write to STS
Choose 1, variation 1 -> Write,
Then STS 2 variation 2 -> Write etc STS3/4 if required to change.

Add pads to your ‘new’ Style->
Write to Current Style performance on screen Menu

If you want to change Tempo of the style ->
Write to Current Style performance on screen Menu

Updated 25/05/2012

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