Misc Software

I have edited a new songbook based on the Carillion Free songbook and 

13 Banks of Styles from the Bonusware korgpa Website. 

10 Favourites Banks and 3 User Banks. I have integrated Both into a new Songbook... 

The Files are freely available for Download to all Korg users of pa keyboards... 

There is no need to load this Songbook if you only wish to load the styles into pa............

korg project 2009-final-KB.zip korg project 2009-final-KB.zip
Size : 4310.921 Kb
Type : zip
KORG SongBook Editor v.1.4.zip KORG SongBook Editor v.1.4.zip
Size : 4025.702 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 34.5 Kb
Type : xls

Decrypted Songbook 

SBK2005.SET.zip SBK2005.SET.zip
Size : 176.093 Kb
Type : zip

Free Recording Software for pc 

Music Editing Software for download

Audacity is a free software solution for recording and editing sounds.
It will allow you to change the tempo of your downloaded music without altering the pitch. You can then practice at different speeds until you can play along 
at full tempo. 

here:  http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/

 Please click on the link below to download.

ty music editing software

A user manual is available at the link below which provides details on how to change the tempo of a music file.

Audacity user manual

 Wave Editor Software..... Wave Extractor

Software developed for the Korg Community.

This program has been designed and created by Alexi Kamzamalov. 
Current Supported file formats:

 (.PCM) - Korg PA1X/PA800/PA2X

(.KMP) - Korg PA1X/PA800/PA2X & Triton Series 

(.TVN) - Yamaha TYROS 2 Voice File

(.SF2) - SoundFont 2 Sound Bank

More added to list update 09/10/2014. Please go to website for many more enhanced features!

 What is Wave Xtractor   


Wave Xtractor is a handy audio tool with the ability to extract RAW sound data (.Wav) from popular File formats 

from within the music industry. You can preview/listen & extract the Wave samples contained in each file format 

on your PC, and view their Audio Properties without having to load them on to your keyboard first. These include;

 .PCM/.KMP/.TVN/.UVN/.SF2 Files.

It can also Read and create Report of the Names within the following File formats:  (.STY/.PCG/.PRF/.PAD) - 


Furthermore you can also Manage & Organize your KORG PA Styles with the Style Manager. You can 'SWAP', 

'Copy/Paste' & 'Delete' Styles.

Website HERE 


Patch file pa800/2x 

korg_pa800.zip korg_pa800.zip
Size : 0.027 Kb
Type : zip

 Official Korg pa2x Software

 Eddy's Site for Korg AND Roland Downloads Styles and Programs


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