Chord Pickout by 'Jackpote'

This is a very useful program that I've come across and installed that picks up on mp3 files. I think that it could be a very useful Teaching Aid to pass songs on to people who can play by 'Ear' but also need some indication of Chord Structures.....

 Chord Pickout


This is a song that I've just completed called 'South Coast Piano' loaded into the Program.

Chord Pickout is also useful as it shows the Chords in Guitar format also.

Available from here: [Trialware]

Chord Pickout Download


This is the piece that I did in Sheet form. Chord Picker has many of the same chords but picks up other's also. The Chords are fully editable in the program. Text Lyrics can be added also......I used a style of my own making to Record the song.....This was made from a Band in a Box created midi using EMC Styleworks.

This is a great Website and a free service where you can change Chords in Chords/Lyrics Sheets by Transposing to another key from .......

'Logue Internet Services'


A series of Video's about 'Playing by Ear' 

 I have no Personal interests with the Software featured on this page. I list these as a service to fellow musicians

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