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 Importing /exporting styles as smf separated with Markers ----->

ImportExportSMF.pdf ImportExportSMF.pdf
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Importing Triton PCGs and KMP files:

Go to SOUND Mode then go to SAMPLING Mode by Hitting RECORD, after that on the drop down MENU find IMPORT, after that find the file you want and IMPORT single PCG or whole BANKS. The same way that you can import KMP's.


Importing 'Wavs' into pa Drum kits Step by Step!

Here's a step by Step for you....[KB]

1]Leave Style play mode and press the keyboard 'Sound' Button
2]Press 'Record' 
3]Screen Menu and press 'Load Sample'
4]Navigate to you wav sample and 'Load'
5]Press 'Write' on the Screen Menu and keep same name or change at will to the specific Drum family you want eg, Bass Drum, Snare Drum etc in the list
7]Press OK
8]Back to your Sound Screen + Press Menu Button on the keyboard
9]Press the 'Time Slice' Button -> Slice and 'Write to a location -> OK
10]Exit from 'Record' Screen via Screen Menu
11] Go back to style play mode and find your Loop in the slot you placed it in......


Increase sound level values of a style

Q] I'm having trouble increasing a particular drumkit on one of my styles. I mean, i know how to increase the track volume but it still does not sound as loud as some other drum kits i have in other styles. For eg. if I have Style 'A' and the drum track volume is turned up to 127. Then I've got Style 'B' where the drum track is also turned up to 127...Style A still sounds louder...

Is there a way I can make the other drum kit as loud ?

A] The answer is yes you can. Select Style & press 'Track View' -> Keyboard Menu Button -> Screen choose 'Mixer Tuning' -> EQ Gain Tab and increase the values of your Drumkit. -> Screen Menu and write style.


Initial startup of a new pa

I don't know what speaker system you will be using or even just Headphones, but something you will probably need to do.. The Master EQ is set relatively 'flat' and will need to be enabled and then adjusted to your speakers, the reason being that it is a pro keyboard and it would be expected to be run through a pa system which is what I do.

Global [keyboard]-> Audio Setup -> Tab to Master EQ and Tick the Enable Box. You can hear the changes as you adjust the Bass, Middle and Upper frequencies. When you like the result go to Screen Menu and write to -> Global/Write Global setup...

Next, set your split point at the required point and then lock it [a little lock next to it] then save it to performance1 [+ Fingering also] and save to Global in the
screen menu.  Press the Global button on the keyboard and press general settings on the screen -> Screen Menu and save Global.....The reason I'm advising doing this is if you don't save the setting Globaly then the split point will revert to middle C every time you reboot and that can  be a real pain....


Insert effects:

How to program them.

Press the MENU button, and select the Effects section.
uncheck the "Dry" checkbox (all other modes).
Set a value different than 0 for the "2 to 1", "B to A" or "D to C" parameter.
Set the "Send" value for FX 1, A or C a value of 0, to avoid the dry signal enters the FX processor twice.
Write the Sound, STS or Performance to memory.





J - No Entries



Keyboard key/Velocity Range pa3x Le

To access this section.. Press the 'shift Button' + Ensemble button ->
4 keyboard splits are available here

Keyboard Control page pa3x Le

To access this section.. Press the 'shift Button' + Ensemble button -> Tab across to page

keyboard splits:

With keyboard splits, the easiest way to achieve multiple zones is to edit a Style while in Style Play mode. Each Style has Upper1, Upper2, Upper3 and Lower sounds. Each of the Upper1, 2 and 3 sounds can be given its own key range.

In the latest Pa2x Operation manual for OS2.00, see page 105 which explains how the "Keyboard/Ensemble: Key/Velocity Range" is configured within a style.

There is another way of splitting note ranges by editing the Multisamples assigned to a Sound. You will have to read about Sound Edit in the Advanced User Guide for the details since it's quite complex.[Rob]


KSC - Korg Triton Sample

KMP - Korg Triton Multi-Sample

These Files can be loaded into the PA Keyboards by importing the KMP Multisample....


Korg Forum Topic Help:

 How to guide: Restoring a Pa2X/800 to Known Working State!

The following procedure will reset your Pa2x or Pa800 keyboard to a known working state, without loss of user styles and sounds:

a) Save favorite styles and user styles into UserStyle.SET folders (MEDIA -> Save)

b) Save user sounds into UserSound.SET folders (MEDIA -> Save)

c) Reformat the SSD memory chip (wipes all user data) ... read the installation notes!

d) Load OS2.01 and MR2.01, which can be done in a single operation as follows ... read the installation notes!
e) Load the user sounds from UserStyle.SET folders (MEDIA -> Load)

f) Load the user styles from UserSound.SET folders (MEDIA -> Load)

NOTE 1: Do not use Korg's backup procedure using .BKP files. Many people have had problems because there is no effective mechanism when restoring from a .BKP file that avoids overwriting Korg's latest factory Musical Resources.

NOTE 2: Never overwrite Korg factory styles and sounds. This is because there is no effective way at the moment of saving and restoring your work in the event that a Korg Musical Resources update is issued in the future. Instead save any changes to styles in a Favorites bank, and save any changes to sounds in a User bank.

NOTE 3: Never load a .SET file containing someone else’s GLOBAL or SONGBOOK subfolders. At best you will delete your own settings. At worst you will corrupt the memory of the Pa keyboard and things will stop working - then you will have to do the above "reset" procedure all over again to fix it. [RS]

Please check to see if any more current updates are available at korgpa.com HERE

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