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 These styles are a product of Juan Miguel Zarate and Manuel Dorantes' creativity and talent, both Mexican-born with specialization in Pro arranger Keyboards.

Many years of experience in the use and programming of keyboards and synthesizers, and exposure to Folk music, have enabled Juan and Manuel to develop styles that have not been included in most of the brands and models of Pro-Arranger keyboards. Unique styles like Fito Olivares, Cumbia Sonidera, Cumbia Techno, Mariachi, Pasito Duranguenze, Banda and NorteƱo; each with their own variations and character.

Juan Miguel and Manuel have very similar music experience, playing all kinds of music genres professionally from an early age. Many manufacturers consult them for the repair of or suggestions of new features for their products. 

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 32 Mexican Styles (Free)

- Pa800/2x/3x format

D O O [Direct Order Online] Styles 

Great Site for Korg software
Mr Music Jurgen Sartorius..

Would you like to learn a little Jazz Theory?

  Award winning Music Education site with books, CD-ROMs
and online lessons on Blues, Jazz, Improvisation, Theory, Learning to
Read Music, Piano Technique and Saxophone.

Carillon Studios
Korg Custom Styles. Great Value for money!

This Songbook is totally 'Gratis' from Carillon...
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Basari Studio's - Nedim Zengo

Sounds and Style Development

Irish Acts recording Studio

Styles and Voice Packs

Int: +353 (0)51 384944


Pemo Premium Sounds for Korg



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