A brief Tutorial on adjusting velocity levels in Styles, including those created with the onboard style creation Bot..pa700/1000/4x

I have found that styles created with the onboard 'style creation bot' have intros, endings even variations that are sometimes out of sync with levels. Even the occasional onboard style needs a little adjustment. How I proceed to remedy this:

Changing levels in a style and its variations:

1] Load the style 
2] Press the Record button - keep existing style  button
3] Press the keyboard MENU button
4] Press the 'Style edit' Button
5] Tab across to 'Velocity' screen
6] Here you see an 'illumunated' % button + or - that you can adjust for every selected part of the style.. Check the box that says 'Track' and change to 'ALL' - You now go into the section where you can change Velocity on every single part of the style and Execute each change singly.. Then 'write' the style and exit the screen. 

You can keep doing this procedure until you have the correct balances in the style.. Takes time but well worth the effort..
This is the Velocity adjustment screen in pa style edit mode

Just a Basic Tutorial on getting the best out of your sounds from your pa keyboard. Now I'm not an exponent of delving deep into the technicalities of creating sounds. I like to use the KISS principle here 'Keep it simple straightforward'..However I do like to have a small section of my own sounds to call upon whilst I'm playing..

This is very basic and I'm not trying to teach people how to suck eggs, just trying to help those that need it a little and may be new to korg pa keyboards..

To start then:
Firstly we need to think of a Sound that we wish to enhance. The obvious choice to start with would probably be Piano sounds. They can be a little dull or even tinny as basic setups go.. I like Trumpets so I chose the Factory Trumpet Expression 1 for this little workshop.

Right now that a choice has been made the first thing to do is to press the 'sound' button on the keyboard to take us to the 'sound' screen. On the top left corner is a little Tab that says 'SND' -> Press that and navigate to your required sound and select. I chose the Trumpet as I said earlier. On the bottom half of your screen are two sections for 'MFX'. left hand one is labeled 'MFX1' and on the right 'MFX2'. This is mainly the only place that you need to to give a decent enhancement to your sound. On MFX1 I altered the 'SEND' from 39 up to 60 and the 'Amount' to 30.7... I used the same settings for MFX2. I left the Macro editing alone on the upper half of the screen.. All the time you are adjusting your sound you can hear the differences as you progress. Once you have a sound that you are happy with then write the new sound to your User Bank.. My Trumpet when compared with the original was much better and more expressive and to my personal liking.

I know that theres a lot more to tweaking sounds and I for one am happy to just enhance my favourite sounds using the one screen. It works for me. Give it a go. You can't do any harm and it might just give you some satisfaction that you have achieved something.

Have fun!


Loading Downloaded zip or rar files to your pa keyboard...

-> Unzip the file on your pc and then copy the unzipped folder to your pa usb drive. 

Load usb Drive onto keyboard then Press the keyboard Media button. 

Navigate to the USB Drive and find your Folder and highlight and press open -> you will now see the unzipped file/folder named 'xxxxxxxxx'   -> highlight and press open.. 
You will now see all the individual Folders/Files that you may open and load including individual styles etc that you can choose to load singly to a chosen location or as Banks to a User Bank of your choice - You can also do the same procedure for other files on the pa, Songbook, Sounds etc. Basically just keep on opening till you find the file you wish to load, or drilling down until you can't go any further to the last file.. To go back to each previous section just press 'Close'.

Hope that helps...
LOADING OLDER PA STYLES IN PA700 [Using Direct Access]

I've found that most of my older pa styles won't load in Direct Access but will load through Media into the User Banks. This is a pain if you have loads of named styles in your User Banks [Mine are full]. 

What I have done to remedy this is to save my User Banks in a set file and then deleted them in User so that this area is blank. [If your User Banks are already empty then no need for the previous steps] Then to load each individual bank of old format pa styles into Media on pa700 User banks [You then get an onscreen notification so these can then convert to pa700 format] and then save them back to the original folders as a converted Folder [It does indicate the changed Folder] on the usb drive. Do this procedure with every Bank. These styles folders were then all recognised in Direct Access. 

This worked OK for me...

I have been asked to explain ways of performing the above.. 

It can take a while to explain HOW TO do this whilst actually taking a very short time to achieve once you know how AND it's subjective as we all have different ideas about what we hear.

Using your own custom styles in your user banks is very easy to achieve this and the new STS can be saved permanently to the chosen style.

HOW TO:  Load the style and it will have it's own 4 Keyboard Sets. These can be altered by either changing individual voices/mixes and volume levels or by loading in a prepared one from the Keyboard Set Library. To SAVE what you have changed in that sts set press the top right corner of screen and you will see the option 'Write kbd Set to style' to enable you to Save a particular sts 1-4. You can choose any of 1-4 in any order to save them!

With regard to Factory locked styles the procedure is different in that you will have to unlock Factory protection to achieve the above. However, my personal opinion is to use the fantastic and powerful Songbook feature. Once you have saved the song in question you can then alter the keyboard sets in each sts and they will be permanent unless you then choose to alter them again in Songbook. 

Another option is to find a style within the Factory Banks and copy it into a User Bank and change the name of the style to your nominated song. You can then alter the voice sets just the same as a custom user style. 

Hope this is of help!

As an addition:   You can create your own custom sets and save them with whatever voices/levels that you want. Top right of the screen in options is the 'top' option to save 'kbd to set library' to your User Banks. You have 8x8=64 possible locations [using the first page of each section only for quick access] to create your own keyboard sets here... 

Creating a style file from a midi on pa4x

Very good and simple explanation of how to create a basic style from a midi file ready for editing on pa4x.. Exactly the same on pa700/1000
Results are not always guaranteed to be as good as the Demo style however choosing a good quality midi increses the chance of creating a good editable style.

Appreciation to the original uploader TIO2012 - YOUTUBE SITE HERE

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