Babosh, a software developer has  been working on much needed pc based software for korg pa file manipulation [styles and sounds] via the pc and then to the pa. This software has seen ongoing development  for many months and the software now has several functions working with more in testing stage, however, is not yet complete software. Hopefully it will be finished very soon. The program is called 'KorgPA Arranger.......... 

More information available here:


Read all about it here:  Korg Forum


KorgPa-Arranger Babosh Software for pc.mp4 KorgPa-Arranger Babosh Software for pc.mp4
Size : 5.824 Kb
Type : mp4
Pa1X Converter


This Tool can be used to extract wave files out of PA1X/PA2X/PA800 PCM files 

Youtube Downloader (YTD)


It is the first tool that can create youtube lists from your quick list or
from the videos of a youtube user with single mouse click
The program support unicode file names (original youtube title) 



Disclaimer. I am in no way connected to the Owner of this software and all programs are offered in good faith. I can not be held responsible for  anything arising from issues to either pc or pa keyboard with this or any software offered on my Website.  The software is your's to try at your own risk.... 

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