Creating a 32 Track sequence

Creating a 32 Track sequence on the pa keyboard

I have a concept of creating a recording of up to 32 Tracks using the onboard twin sequencer on pa.

While I realise that this can be done using pc based sequencer software, not everyone uses such programs. I aim to show that it can be done successfully on the pa keyboard and then recorded to mp3.

1] Choose the Midi file, either your own or sequenced one from the Web
2] Press the sequencer mode Button on the keyboard
3] Load the chosen Midi file and alter any parameters you wish and resave as ‘Midi 1’
4] Reload the original midi file and again alter the parameters, volumes, voices etc -> Save as’Midi2’

You now have the two Midi files ready to load together.

5] Select ‘Song’ Mode on the keyboard
6] Load in ‘Midi1’ to the top slot and ‘Midi 2’ to the bottom slot

You now have them ready to Record into the ‘Double Track’

7] (on pa2x) Press the ‘shift’ Button and Record Button to start Recording -> Press Exit on the keyboard – Here you will see a Flashing Red ‘R’ to the top left of the Screen.
8] Press ‘Shift’ and the No1 Sequencer Play Button together – Now both sequencers will start simultaneously and the Double Track Recording will take place.
9] (on pa2x) To end Recording, Press the Shift Button and Record Button together to bring the Recording Menu back on Screen. Save as usual with a memorable name -> ‘Midi Complete’

If the pa doesn’t have mp3 Recording capability on board miss out steps 7&9 and use Line outs to the pc and use recording software….

You now have your Keyboard ‘Double’ sequenced Track Recorded.

Keith Ball

I've done this song as an example. The First part is the original with minor changes and the second part saved with some change of voices and volumes. See if you can hear the difference. I've then recorded them together to part 3 of the Recording and the whole song. I now have a finished 32 Track Recording done on the keyboard

Congrats.mp3 Congrats.mp3
Size : 2.768 Kb
Type : mp3


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